Canto 08, Chapter 16: Executing the Payo-vrata Process of Worship – Quiz

01. Kasyapa Muni wondered ____________ would have occurred which is the cause of Aditi’s lamentation.
a)     Whether there were any discrepancies in following the regulative principles
b)     Whether Aditi had failed to properly receive any uninvited guests
c)     Whether Aditi had failed to offer oblations of ghee into fire
d)     All the above
02. Homes from which guests go away without having been received even with an offering of a little water are like ____________.
a)     Homes of jackals
b)     Holes of snake
c)     Anthills of ant
d)     Homes of pigs
03. Aditi’s actual concern was_________.
a)     The demons have taken away the opulence, beauty, fame of the demigods
b)     Demigods are been exiled by the demons
c)     She wanted the benediction for her sons to regain what they have lost
d)     All the above
04. Kasyapa Muni suggested as a remedy for Aditi’s lamentation to observe the Payo-vrata process of worship for ___________ days and with complete devotion and worship ____________.
a)     5, Goddess lakshmi
b)     12, Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)     12, Durgadevi
d)     5, Supreme Lord
05. During the payo-vrata process of worship one can consume only ___________.
a)     Milk
b)     Water
c)     Fruits
d)     Grains
06. Kasyapa Muni had received the information of Payo-vrata worship from ___________.
a)     Lord Brahma
b)     Lord Shiva
c)     Lord Vishnu
d)     Marici
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d a d b a a
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