Canto 08, Chapter 17: The Supreme Lord Agrees to Become Aditi’s Son – Quiz

01. When the Supreme Lord became visible to Aditi’s eyes,_________.
a)     She at once stood up and then fell to the ground to offer obeiscances
b)     She felt ecstasy and her body trembled
c)     She began offering prayers to the Supreme Lord in faltering voice and with great love
d)     All the above
02. The Supreme Lord said that almost all the chiefs of the demons are now unconquerable because_________.
a)     They all have mystic powers
b)     They have performed long tapasya and pleased Lord Brahma
c)     They are being protected by Brahmanas whom the Supreme Lord always favors
d)     They have the most powerful ruler Bali Maharaja
03. Lord said Aditi that he can ___________ and thus protect her sons(demigods).
a)     Give mystic power to the demigods
b)     Give insurmountable weapons
c)     Bless profusely the demigods
d)     Become her son
04.    When _____________ understood that the Supreme Lord was now within the womb of Aditi, he began to offer prayers to the Lord by reciting transcendental names.
a)     Lord Shiva
b)     Lord Brahma
c)     Kashyapa Muni
d)     Narada Muni
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: d c d b
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