Canto 08, Chapter 15: Bali Maharaja Conquers the Heavenly Planets – Quiz

01. When Bali Maharaja lost all his opulence and died, ___________ brought him back to life.
a)     The Supreme Lord
b)     Lord Brahma
c)     Sukracharya
d)     Bhrgu Muni
02. On completion of the performing of the yajna known as Visvajit, Prahlada Maharaja offered Bali ___________.
a)     A conchshell
b)     A golden celestial chariot
c)     A garland of flowers that would never fade
d)     All the above
03. The entire city of Indra was constructed by___________.
a)     Vishvaksena
b)     Vishvakarma
c)     Svayambhu Manu
d)     Lord Vishnu
04. In the kingdom of Indra, women were beautiful and possessed the quality of ____________.
a)     Syama
b)     Varna
c)     Kalpa
d)     Tribhanga
05. The reason for Bali Maharaja becoming so powerful was__________.
a)     He was a pious king
b)     He pleased all his forefathers
c)     He was powerful
d)     The Brahman descendents of Bhrgu Muni were pleased with Bali and had endowed him with extraordinary spiritual power
06. ___________ advised Indra that it would be impossible to attack Bali now and hence better to leave the heavenly planets.
a)     Brihaspati
b)     Sukracharya
c)     Narada Muni
d)     Bhrgu
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c c b a d a
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