Canto 08, Chapter 14: The System of Universal Management – Quiz

01. The Manus, the sons of Manu, the great sages, Indras and all demigods are appointed by __________.
a)     The Supreme Lord
b)     Lord Brahma
c)     Vyasadeva
d)     Lord Shiva
02. ____________ directly establish the principles of occupational duty.
a)     Manus
b)     The Supreme Lord
c)     Vivasvan
d)     The great sages
03. In every yuga the Supreme Personality of Godhead assumes the form of great yogis such as ____________ to teach the system of mystic yoga.
a)     Dattatreya
b)     Prajapati Marici
c)     Yajnavalkya
d)     Sanaka
04. In 1 day of Brahma there are ___________ Manu(s).
a)     1
b)     7
c)     12
d)     14
Question No. 01 02 03 04
Answer: a a a d
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