Canto 08, Chapter 08: The Churning of the Milk Ocean – Quiz

01. When Uccaihsrava, the white horse appeared from the churning, ____________ desired to possess it.
a)     Bali Maharaja
b)     Indra
c)     The Supreme Lord
d)     Lord Brahma
02. ___________ appeared from the churning of the milk ocean and the Supreme Lord desired to possess.
a)     Airavata
b)     Parijata
c)     Kaustubha and Padmaraga Mani
d)     Nectar
03. To the goddess of fortune, Ramaa, ____________ supplied earrings.
a)     Goddess Sarasvati
b)     Lord Brahma
c)     Visvakarma
d)     Inhabitants of Naagaloka
04. After being worshipped by all, after full deliberation Goddess of Fortune accepted ________as her husband.
a)     Mukunda
b)     Demigods
c)     Demons
d)     Sadashiva
05. Possession of Varuni, the lotus eyed goddess who controls the drunkards was taken by _________.
a)     Indra
b)     Varuna
c)     Bali Maharaja
d)     Both demons and demigods
06. ________ appeared from the churning carrying the jug of nectar.
a)     Mohini
b)     Dhanvantari
c)     Narada Muni
d)     Angira Muni
07. The nectar was taken away by the demons and they _________.
a)     Drank it all
b)     Shared with demigods
c)     Began to fight among themselves for the share of nectar
d)     Hid it safely
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a c d a c b c
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