Canto 08, Chapter 09: The Lord Incarnates as Mohini Murti – Quiz

01. When the demons saw the beautiful young woman with all attractive features coming towards them,________.
a)     They were suspicious
b)     They requested her to settle the dispute by dividing the nectar equally among them
c)     They immediately recognized the woman as the Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)     All the above
02. Mohini murti, took the container of nectar in her hands and_________.
a)     She first approached the demons and satisfied them with nectar
b)     She first approached the demons and satisfied them with sweet words and cheated them with their share of nectar
c)     She administered the nectar to the demigods
d)     Dropped it into the ocean
03. On seeing Mohini murti cheating them by not giving nectar, the demons________.
a)     Went on to fight with the beautiful lady
b)     To keep their promise, to show equilibrium and to save themselves from fighting with a woman, just remained silent
c)     Had  developed a kind of faith in the woman and did not want to disturb their relationship and hence were quiet
d)     Both b and c
04. ____________ is the demon who causes eclipses of the sun and the moon.
a)     Rahu
b)     Bahu
c)     Ketu
d)     Ketaki
05. Rahu’s head being touched by the nectar became immortal. Brahma accepted Rahu’s head as one of the __________.
a)     Stars
b)     Orbits
c)     Mountains
d)     Planets
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b c d a d
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