Canto 08, Chapter 07: Lord Shiva Saves the Universe by Drinking Poison – Quiz

01. When the churning of the milk ocean began, the demons on the plea that they were all highly advanced students of Vedic knowledge, protested they wanted to hold ____________ of the snake.
a)     Mouth side
b)     Tail side
c)     Both the sides
d)     The hoods
02. When Mandara mountain without support was being churned, it _____________.
a)     Broke open
b)     Melted
c)     Sank
d)     Exploded
03. Supreme Lord appeared as _____________ to give support.
a)     Fish
b)     Shark
c)     Tortoise
d)     Island
04. When the ocean was being thus churned, it first produced _______________.
a)     Fiercely dangerous poison called halahala
b)     Ucchaisrava horse
c)     Airavata elephant
d)     Kaustubha Mani
05. Bhavani _____________ Lord Shiva to drink the poison.
a)     Objected
b)     Gave permission
c)     Cursed
d)     None of the above
06. As if in defamation, the poison born from the ocean of milk manifested its potency by marking Lord Shiva’s _____________ with a bluish line.
a)     Chest
b)     Waist
c)     Face
d)     Neck
07. ________________ took the opportunity to drink whatever little poison had fallen and scattered from Lord Shiva’s hand while he was drinking.
a)     Scorpions
b)     Cobras
c)     Poisonous drugs
d)     All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a c c a b d d
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