Canto 08, Chapter 04: Gajendra Returns to the Spiritual World – Quiz

01. The crocodile was actually the best of Gandharvas, King ____________ , who had been cursed by Devala Muni.
a)     Hihi
b)     Huhu
c)     Indradyumna
d)     Harsha
02. Having been favored by the causeless mercy of the Supreme Lord, the crocodile________.
a)     Regained his original form as the Gandharva and returned to Gandharvaloka
b)     Circumambulated the Lord and offered the choicest prayers and obeisances
c)     Was completely freed from all sinful reactions
d)     All the above
03. Because Gajendra had been touched directly by the hands of the Supreme Lord, he was free from all material ignorance and bondage and received the salvation of ____________ mukti.
a)     Sayujya
b)     Salokya
c)     Sarupya
d)     Samipya
04. Gajendra in his previous life as King Indradyumna was cursed by________.
a)     Devala Muni
b)     Durvasa Muni
c)     Agastya Muni
d)     Angira Muni
05. Although Gajendra got the body of an elephant, because of _____________ in his previous life, he remembered how to offer worship and prayers to the Lord.
a)     Devotional Service
b)     Being cursed by the great sage
c)     Being the pious king
d)     None of the above
06. Upon delivering the elephant king from the clutches of the crocodile,_________.
a)     The Lord returned to His spiritual kingdom
b)     The Lord with Gajendra returned to His all-wonderful abode
c)     King Gajendra again got back his kingdom from his previous life
d)     King Gajendra returned to Gandharvaloka
07. The Lord then said that those who upon rising early from bed offer prayers to the Supreme Lord that had been offered by Gajendra,________.
a)     Will get an eternal residence in the spiritual kingdom at the end of the present life
b)     Will get to take birth in Gandharvaloka
c)     Will get to become a great king in their next life
d)     Will get good health, wealth and home in their next life
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: b d c c a b a
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