Canto 08, Chapter 05: The Demigods Appeal to the Lord for Protection – Quiz

01. The brother of Tamasa Manu was the fifth Manu named _______________.
a)     Vibhu
b)     Susena
c)     Svayambhu
d)     Raivata
02. During the reign of the 5th Manu, the king of heaven was known as _____________.
a)     Indra
b)     Vibhu
c)     Vasu
d)     Vedasira
03. During the 5th Manu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared as ______________.
a)     Purusottama
b)     Vaikuntha
c)     Urukrama
d)     Uttama
04. During the ______________ manvantara millennium, by churning the ocean of milk, the Lord produced nectar for the demigods.
a)     4th
b)     5th
c)     6th
d)     7th
05. The demigods had been cursed by _____________ and therefore the three worlds were poverty stricken and no ritualistic ceremonies could be performed.
a)     Agastya Muni
b)     Durvasa Muni
c)     Angira Muni
d)     Vasista Muni
06. The entire cosmic manifestation has emerged from water by which living entities endure, live and develop. This water is the ______________ of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)     Perspiration
b)     Tears
c)     Semen
d)     Saliva
07. The ______________ god marks the path of liberation and is the chief source for understanding of the Vedas.
a)     Moon
b)     Sun
c)     Fire
d)     Water
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d b b c b c b
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