Canto 08, Chapter 03: Gajendra’s Prayers of Surrender – Quiz

01. Gajendra in his previous life was a ______________ by name Indradyumna.
a)     Monkey
b)     King
c)     Bird
d)     Peacock
02. Gajendra then offered prayers to ___________ which he had learnt in his previous birth.
a)     Lord Krishna
b)     Lord Shiva
c)     Lord Brahma
d)     All the above
03. Gajendra completely surrendered to the Lord and repeatedly glorified the Lord and prayed for_________.
a)     Not to live any longer after being freed from the mouth of the crocodile
b)     Eternal liberation from the covering of ignorance
c)     Complete release from material life
d)     All the above
04. While thus offering prayers, Gajendra did not invoke ___________ to save him.
a)     Indra
b)     Candra
c)     Lord Brahma
d)     Any of the above
05. Gajendra had been forcefully captured by the crocodile in the water and was feeling acute pain. But when he saw Lord Narayana,________.
a)     The crocodile let him free
b)     He forgot all his pain 
c)     He offered a lotus flower to the Lord with his trunk
d)     He felt his pain more acute
06. After saving the elephant Gajendra form his dangerous position, Lord_______.
a)     Saved the crocodile too
b)     Severed the crocodile’s mouth from its body
c)     Forgave the crocodile
d)     None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c a d d c b
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