Canto 08, Chapter 02: The Elephant Gajendra’s Crisis – Quiz

01. The mountain Trikuta is surrounded by________.
a)     Ocean of Sugarcane juice
b)     Ocean of Milk
c)     Ocean of Mango Juice
d)     Ocean of Salt water
02. In a valley of Trikuta Mountain there was a garden called Rtumat which belonged to ________.
a)     Vayu
b)     Varuna
c)     Agni
d)     Indra
03. The entire Trikuta Mountain stood_________.
a)     Massive
b)     Completely golden
c)     Gloriously decorated
d)     Dull
04. Simply by catching the scent of Gajendra, the elephant, __________ fled in fear.
a)     Lions
b)     Tigers
c)     Camari deers
d)     All the above
05. Elephant Gajendra while walking with his fellow elephants, was perspiring and _____________ dripped from his mouth.
a)     Sugarcane juice
b)     Milk
c)     Liquor
d)     Water
06. A strong crocodile was angry with Gajendra and attacked his __________ in the water.
a)     Wife
b)     Leg
c)     Trunk
d)     Tail
07. The elephant and the crocodile fought in water for ___________ year(s).
a)     1
b)     100
c)     1000
d)     10000
08. The elephant finally feeling weak and helpless took the decision of________.
a)     Calling for his female associates
b)     Calling for the lions and tigers
c)     Surrendering to the crocodile
d)     Seeking shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b b c d c b c d
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