Canto 07, Chapter 12: The Perfect Society: Four Spiritual Classes – Quiz

01. A Brahmachari at both junctions of day and night, he should be fully absorbed in thoughts of_________.
a)    His spiritual master
b)    Fire, the sun-god
c)    Lord Vishnu
d)    All the above
02. The alms collected by the Brahmachari should________.
a)    Be offered completely to the spiritual master
b)    Be taken only by himself
c)    Should be shared between the spiritual master and himself
d)    Be given out in charity
03. Woman is compared to ______ and man to ______ and hence their indulgence should be only for important business.
a)    Butter pot, fire
b)    Fire, butter pot
c)    Pot, potter
d)    Puppet, puppeteer
04. A ______ is given permission by the spiritual master to indulge in sex during the period favorable for procreation.
a)    Brahmachari
b)    Grahastha
c)    Vanaprastha
d)    Sannyasi
05. By rigidly following the rules and regulations for the vanaprastha, one can easily be elevated to the upper planetary system known as ______.
a)    Janaloka
b)    Tapaloka
c)    Maharloka
d)    Brhmaloka
06. A person in vanaprastha should only eat_________.
a)    Grains grown by tilling of the fields
b)    Grains cooked in fire
c)    Fruits ripened by the sunshine
d)    Grains grown without tilling of the land but not fully ripe
07. A vanaprastha when because of old age is unable to perform his prescribed duties for advancement in spiritual consciousness,_______.
a)    He should practice fasting
b)    He should only then take advice from the doctor
c)    He should keep an assistant for his care
d)    He should silently suffer
08. At the end of life, a vanaprastha should bestow the object of speech with the sense of speech upon ______.
a)    Indra
b)   Vishnu
c)    Fire
d)    Prajapati
09. The mind, along with all material desires should be merged in the demigod_______.
a)    Moon
b)    Sun
c)    Agni
d)    Indra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: d a b b c c a c a
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