Canto 07, Chapter 11: The Perfect Society: Four Social Classes – Quiz

01. ______ inquired from Narada Muni to hear about general occupational duties of human society.
a)    Sukadev Gosvami
b)    Parikshit Maharaja
c)    Yudhisthira Maharaja
d)    Vidura
02. The system of social and spiritual advancement of human society is known as ______.
a)    Sanatana dharma
b)    Varnashrama dharma
c)    Vedic society
d)    Sva dharma
03. Lord Nara Narayana are still executing great austerities near the place known as ______.
a)    Badarikashrama
b)    Gandhamadhana
c)    Kedarnath
d)    Hrishikesha
04. On the basis of authentic religious principles one’s ______ is satisfies.
a)    Mind
b)    Soul
c)    Body
d)   All the above
05. Narada Muni tells there are ______ qualifications to be acquired which can satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)    10
b)    20
c)    30
d)    40
06. In the Varnashrama Dhrama,the first ceremony for purification for propagating a good child is _______.
a)    Kalyana
b)    Garbhadhana
c)    Namakarana
d)    Upanayana
07. According to Varnashrama Dharma, a Bhramana has ______ occupational duties.
a)    6
b)   15
c)    22
d)    30
08. Engaging in the service of low-grade persons is called ______,the profession of the dogs.
a)    Sva-vrtti
b)    Rta
c)    Amrata
d)    Mrata
09. In time of emergency, one may accept any of the various types of professions , but not ______.
a)    Sva-vrtti
b)    Rta
c)    Amrata
d)    Mrata
10. Serving one’s master, performing sacrifices without uttering mantras, not stealing – are the symptoms of ______.
a)    Brahmana
b)    Kshatriya
c)    Vaisya
d)    Sudra

11. Principles followed by a chaste woman are________.
a)    To render service to husband
b)    To be equally well disposed towards husband and his relatives and friends
c)    To follow vows of the husband
d)    All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: c b a d c b a a a d d
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