Canto 07, Chapter 13: The Behavior of a Perfect Person – Quiz

01. A Sannyasi should not_______.
a)    Present allurements of material benefits to gather many disciples
b)    Unnecessarily read many books or give discourses as a means of livelihood
c)    Attempt to increase material opulence unnecessarily
d)    All the above
02. Prahlada Maharaja met a great saintly person at the banks of ______.
a)    Ganga
b)    Yamuna
c)    Kaveri
d)    Godavari
03. The saintly person had adopted a ______ means of livelihood.
a)    Elephants’s
b)    Python’s
c)    Rat’s
d)    Ostrich’s
04. The saintly person externally appeared_________.
a)    Very clean
b)    Very thin
c)    Quite fat
d)    Very morose
05. The saintly person on hearing the inquiry of Prahlada Maharaja,__________.
a)    Began to reply with a smiling face
b)    Became very angry
c)    Remained silent
d)    Began to leave the place
06. The saintly person said that he had ceased from all material activities because he realized that_________.
a)    Only spiritual happiness is real happiness and can be achieved by stopping all materialistic activities
b)    Material sense enjoyment is simply imagination
c)    In human form of life man and woman strive for happiness but the results are contrary
d)    All the above
07. Materialistic activities are always mixed with miserable conditions namely_________.
a)    Adhyatmika
b)    Adhidaivika
c)    Adhibhautika
d)    All the above
08. The ______ and python are 2 excellent spiritual masters who give us exemplary instructions regarding how to be satisfied by collecting only little and how to stay in one place and not move.
a)    House fly
b)    Bee
c)    Spider
d)    Ant
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: d c b c a d d b
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