Canto 07, Chapter 02: Hiranyakasipu, King of the Demons – Quiz

01. Hiranyakashipu’s dearest brother and well wisher _____ was killed by Vishnu.
a)    Ravana
b)    Sisupala
c)    Hiranyaksha
d)    Kashyapa
02. When the root of a tree is cut and the tree falls down, the branches and twigs automatically dry up. Similarly, Hiranyakashipu thought if he kills ______, demigods could be easily subdued.
a)   Vishnu
b)   Ganesha
c)   Narada
d)   Brahma
03. The demons, on the instruction of Hiranyakashipu engaged in envious activities of________.
a)    Killing Brahmanas
b)    Spoiling Yajnas
c)    Killing cows
d)    All the above
04. When the king of Usinara, fighting in the battle field left his body, his queens________.
a)    Were delighted
b)    Were frustrated
c)    Would not allow the dead body of the king to be taken away 
d)    Began to fight with each other
05. On seeing the situation of Usinara,______ personally approached the relatives of the dead body to preach them.
a)    Narada
b)    Yamaraja
c)    Brahma
d)    Vishnu
06. Yamaraja when approached the relatives of the king of Usinara, he had assumed the body of ______.
a)    A lady
b)    A girl
c)    A boy
d)    A man
07. Yamaraja addressed the lamenters as_________.
a)    Fools
b)    Rascals
c)    Wise men
d)    Noble citizens
08. In the story of the hunter and the kulinga birds, at first the hunter captured ______ kulinga bird(s).
a)    Male
b)    Female
c)    Baby
d)    All
09. Yamaraja by the story if the kulinga birds instructed the queens that_________.
a)    If they are not careful, they would take next birth as kulinga birds
b)    Even if they lament for their dead husband for hundreds of years he would not come back and in the mean time their life would be finished
c)    Everything material is temporary, not continuing to exist
d)    Both b and c
10. Diti, upon hearing the philosophical instructions given by ______, forgot her grief over her son’s death and engaged her mind and attention in understanding the real philosophy of life.
a)    Hiranyakashipu
b)    Hiranyaksha
c)    Aditi
d)    Rusabhanu
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c a d c b c a b d a
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