Canto 07, Chapter 03: Hiranyakasipu’s Plan to Become Immortal – Quiz

01. In the valley of ______ hill Hiranyakasipu began to perform his severe austerities.
a)    Mandara
b)    Gandhamadhana
c)    Simhadri
d)    Nilachala
02. Because of the power of the severe austerities of Hiranyakasipu,__________.
a)    The fire and its smoke spread throughout the sky, encompassing the upper and lower planets
b)    All the rivers and oceans were agitated
c)    Surface of the globe began trembling
d)    All the above
03. Being disturbed by the austere penance of Hiranyakasipu, the demigods approached __________.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Vishnu
c)    Lord Shiva
d)    Narada Muni
04. Hiranyakasipu had sustained his life by not drinking water for __________.
a)    10 years
b)    100 years
c)    1000 years
d)    100 celestial years
05. Being pleased by Hiranyakashipu’s severe penance, Lord Brahma sprinkled spiritual water from his kamandalu on the demon king who immediately__________.
a)    Left his body and returned to the hellish planets
b)    With the self same body went to the spiritual kingdom
c)    Emerged from the anthill as a completely young and strong man
d)    Became immoral
06. On seeing Lord Brahma before him, Hiranyakasipu__________.
a)    Was overwhelmed with jubilation
b)    Tears rolled from his eyes and body was shivering
c)    Prayed in a humble mood to satisfy Lord Brahma
d)    All the above
07. Hiranyakasipu finally asked the benediction__________.
a)    Of not meeting death from living / non-living entity/demigods/demons
b)    Of not having any rival and have the sole lordship overall living entities and presiding deities and glories obtained by that position
c)    Of all mystic powers 
d)    All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a d a d c d d
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