Canto 07, Chapter 01: The Supreme Lord Is Equal to Everyone – Quiz

01. ______ inquired from ______ why does the Supreme Lord Vishnu seem partial to some and inimical to others?
a)    King Parikshit, Sukadeva Gosvami
b)    Sages of Naimisaranya, Suta Gosvami
c)    Vidura, Maitreya Muni
d)    Uddhava, Vidura
02. When the quality of passion is prominent, ______ flourish.
a)    Sages
b)    Demons
c)    Yaksas
d)    Demigods
03. Whether a living entity is demon or demigod can be understood by the living entity’s _______.
a)    Appearance
b)    Speech
c)    Devotional Service to the Supreme
d)    Associates
04. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is never partial. His activities are glorious. Therefore He is called ______.
a) Madhava
b) Urukrama
c) Urusrava
d) Madhusudhna
05. Maharaja Yudhistira, during the Rajasuya performance saw Sisupala merge into the body of Lord Krishna and he inquired from ______ the reason for this.
a)    Lord Krishna
b)    Arjuna
c)    Narada Muni
d)    Vidura
06. One can attain the Supreme mercy of Lord Krishna by ______.
a)    Simply thinking of Him at all times in any condition
b)    Being an intimate friend of the Lord
c)    Being a great demon
d)    Having good character
07. ______ and ______, the residents of Vaikunta loka had to take birth in the material world by the curse of sages.
a)    Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha
b)    Sisupala and Dantavakra
c)    Jagai and Madhai
d)    Jaya and Vijaya
08. The sages being kind, after cursing the 2 residents of Vaikunta, said that they could return after _____ births in the material world.
a)    3
b)    5
c)    10
d)    20
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b c c c a d a
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