Canto 06, Chapter 14: King Chitraketu’s Lamentation – Quiz

01. Vrtrasura although being a demon, attained such exalted love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead _______.
a)    Because Vrtrasura was the son of Tvasta who was a great devotee
b)    Because Vrtrasura was the brother of Vishvarup
c)    Because Vrtrasura was King Citraketu in his previous birth who was then a great devotee
d)    None of the above
02. King Citraketu had ________ wives.
a)    10
b)    365
c)    1 million
d)    10 million
03. Reason for King Citraketu’s anxiety and lamentation was ________.
a)    He was deformed
b)    He did not have any children
c)    None of his queens were beautiful
d)    He always wanted more wealth and fame and prestige
04. A powerful sage _________ visited the palace of King Citraketu.
a)    Agastya
b)    Vasista
c)    Angira
d)    Jamadagni
05. The sage Angira was pleased with King Citraketu because the King ________.
a)    Exhibited quality of humility
b)    Exhibited the quality of hospitality
c)    Exhibited the quality of sense control
d)    All the above
06. King Citraketu was desperate to have a son because _______.
a)    He loved male children
b)    He wanted a son who could deliver himself and his forefathers from the darkness of hell
c)    He wanted to conquer other neighboring kingdoms
d)    Having a son was a sign of prestige
07. The remnants of the food offered in the Yajna were given by the great sage Angira to ________.
a)    The first most perfect queen Krtadyuti
b)    All of Citraketu’s queens
c)    To the first 10 principal queens
d)    To a cow
08. The other wives seeing Krtadyuti’s son were ________.
a)    Agitated
b)    Envious
c)    Unhappy
d)    All the above
09. Unable to tolerate the King Citraketu’s neglect and Krtadyuti’s happiness, the other queens ________.
a)    Left the palace
b)    Administered poison to the son
c)    Killed the King
d)    Killed Krtadyuti
10. King Citraketu and his wife when were doomed in great grief and were thus lamenting, approached ________.
a)    Angira Muni
b)    Narada Muni
c)    Both a and b
d)    Vasista Muni
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c d b c d b a d b c
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