Canto 06, Chapter 13: King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction – Quiz

01. When Vrtrasura was killed, all the presiding deities and everyone else were immediately pleased except ________.
a)    Indra
b)    Vishvarupa
c)    Narada Muni
d)    Brahma
02. When Indra had refrained from killing Vrtrasura, a Brahman, the great sages assured him by telling ________.
a)    They would perform a Rajasuya sacrifice to release Indra from any sin thus incurred
b)    They would perform a Asvamedha sacrifice to release Indra from any sin thus incurred
c)    No sin would Indra thus incur because Vrtrasura was from the family of demons
d)    Indra could later perform meditation
03. Indra saw personified sinful reaction chasing him, appearing like a ________.
a)    Candala woman.
b)    Candala man
c)    Dog
d)    Lion
04. Indra took shelter of ________ when chased by sin personified.
a)    Ganga
b)    Yamuna
c)    Saraswati
d)    Manasa sarovara
05. When Indra lived in water, ________ was equipped with the ability to rule the heavenly kingdom.
a)    Candra
b)    Surya
c)    Nahusa
d)    Brihaspati
06. By the bad qualities of Nahusa, he was cursed by a brahmana and later became a ________.
a)    Snake
b)    Deer
c)    Buffalo
d)    Rabbit
07. Indra was finally free from all his sinful reactions by his worship of ________.
a)    Manasa Sarovara lake
b)    Lotus
c)    The Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)    Lord Siva
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a b a d c a c
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