Canto 06, Chapter 15: The Saints Narada and Angira Instruct King Chitraketu – Quiz

01. The relationship of parenthood is ultimately controlled by ________.
a)    Father
b)    Mother
c)    Both parents
d)    Supreme Personality of Godhead
02. On hearing the instructions of great sages, King Citraketu ________.
a)    Was Furious
b)    Was Bewildered
c)    Disregarded their thoughts
d)    Was very appreciative and grateful
03. King Citraketu appreciated the sages by telling ________.
a)    They have dressed themselves like avadhutas but in reality they are the most elevated in awareness
b)    They are great Vaishnavas who have come to deliver him
c)    He should be enlightened by their torch of knowledge
d)    All the above
04. Angira Muni when first came to Citraketu did not give Supreme Transcendental Knowledge but instead blessed him with a son because ________.
a)    He saw that the king was absorbed in material bondage
b)    He wanted to take revenge on the king
c)    He did not know that the son would be a cause of lamentation for th eking
d)    He wanted the king to be happy
05. Narada Muni gave a mantra to the King which after accepting, in ________ nights the King would be able to see the Lord face to face.
a)    2
b)    4
c)    6
d)    7
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: d d d a d
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