Canto 06, Chapter 12: Vritrasura’s Glorious Death – Quiz

01. When King Indra dropped his thunderbolt by the attack of Vrtrasura’s iron mace, _________.
a)    Vrtrasura took the opportunity and defeated Indra
b)    Vrtrasura encouraged Indra to pick up his weapon again and attack
c)    Indra without being discouraged picked up his weapon and attacked again
d)    Accepted defeat 
02. Vrtrasura started to preach on the transcendental facts with the essence that ________.
a)    Indra is superior and he is ready to bow down before Indra
b)    Its one’s courage that decides one’s destiny and hence Indra should fight
c)    The Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself creates and devours the living beings through other living beings
d)    Every self is responsible for its destiny and Lord has no role to play in it
03. Since everything is dependent on Supreme will, one should be equipoise in ________.
a)    Fame and defamation
b)    Life and death
c)    Victory and defeat
d)    All the above
04. Hearing the straightforward instructions of Vrtrasura, King Indra glorified Vrtrasura by saying ________.
a)    He was a perfect devotee of the Supreme Lord
b)    He has given up his demoniac nature
c)    He has attained the position of an exalted devotee
d)    All the above
05. When Vrtrasura swallowed Indra, _______.
a)    Indra died
b)    Indra with his thunderbolt pierced out of Vrtrasura’s body
c)    Lord Vishnu appeared to Vrtrasura
d)    Vrtrasura encountered fire within his belly
06. It took ________ days to separate Vratrasura’s head from his body by Indra’s thunderbolt.
a)    10
b)    100
c)    209
d)    360
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: b c d d b d
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