Canto 06, Chapter 11: The Transcendental Qualities of Vritrasura – Quiz

01. When the demons began to flee, the demigods took advantage of the situation and attacked the demons. Seeing this Vrtrasura rebuked the demigods saying ________.
a)    There is no use of killing the demons from behind while they are running out of fear
b)    One who considers himself a hero should not kill an enemy who is afraid of losing his life
c)    Such killing from behind is never glorious and cannot promote one to heavenly planets
d)    All the above
02. When the demigods heard Vrtrasura’s tumultuous roar, ________.
a)    They fainted and fell on the ground as if struck by thunderbolts
b)    They were outraged and forcefully attacked Vrtrasura
c)    They fled out of fear
d)    They pleaded for their life
03. When Indra attacked Vrtrasura with one of his great clubs, ________.
a)    Vrtrasura started to bleed
b)    Vrtrasura caught hold of the club with left hand and threw back to Indra 
c)    Vrtrasura lay down dead
d)    All the other demons came to Vrtrasura to help defeat Indra
04. When Vrtrasura saw Indra holding his thunderbolt given by Dadhichi to attack him, Vrtrasura ________.
a)    Started to flee
b)    Encouraged Indra to attack and assured him of his victory
c)    Was unafraid because he was confident of his own strength than that of Indra’s thunderbolt
d)    Called out for the help of Lord Sankarsana
05. The only ardent desire that Vrtrasura had was to ________.
a)    Enjoy in Dhruvaloka
b)    Master the powers of mystic yoga
c)    Be the supreme ruler of all planets
d)    Render direct service to the Supreme Lord
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: d a b b d
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