Canto 05, Chapter 23: The Shishumar Planetary Systems – Quiz

01. The ___________ planet constantly shines as the central pivot for all the stars and planets.
a)   Pitraloka
b)   Dhruvaloka
c)   Maharloka
d)   Janaloka
02. The great machine, consisting of the stars and planets resemble the form of a _____________.
a)   Matsya(fish)
b)   Kurma(turtle)
c)   Sisumara(dolphin)
d)   Vanara(monkey)
03. On the left side of the body of Sisumara-Cakra are the ___________ stars from Pusya to Uttarsadha.
a)   12
b)   14
c)   16
d)   18
04. Within the core of the heart of Sisumara-Cakra is__________.
a)   Venus
b)   Ashwinin Kumaras
c)   Mars
d)   Narayana
05. The body of the Sisumara-Cakra should be considered the external form of________.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Lord Shiva
c)   Lord Brahma
d)   Lord Rudra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b c b d a
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