Canto 05, Chapter 22: The Orbits of the Planets – Quiz

01. According to lunar calculations, 2 fortnights – on of the waxing moon and the other of the waning- form one month .That same period is one day and night for planet ___________.
a)   Pitraloka
b)   Mrtyuloka
c)   Dhruvaloka
d)   Svargaloka
02. The Sun-God has __________ speeds during his travel.
a)   2
b)   3
c)   4
d)   5
03. The moon travels at a speed _________ than that of the sun.
a)   Faster
b)   Slower
c)   Irregular
d)   Regular
04. When the moon is waxing, the illuminating portions _____________.
a)   Diminish daily
b)   Increases daily
c)   Remaining constant
d)   Disappear
05. ______________ is the source of nectarine coolness and is considered the life of all living entities.
a)   Sun
b)   Moon
c)   Earth
d)   Sky
06. ____________ is the predominating deity of everyone’s mind.
a)   Sun
b)   Moon
c)   Vayu
d)   Varuna
07. _____________ Planet nullifies the influence of planets that are obstacles to rainfall.
a)   Mercury
b)   Venus
c)   Mars
d)   Jupiter
08. _____________ Planet is always very inauspicious for the universal situation.
a)   Mars
b)   Jupiter
c)   Saturn
d)   Neptune
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a b a b b b b c
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