Canto 05, Chapter 24: The Subterranean Heavenly Planets – Quiz

01. ____________ is inimical toward both Sun and Moon and therefore he always tries to cover the sunshine and moonshine on the dark-moon day and full-moon light.
a)   Ketu
b)   Kali
c)   Rahu
d)   Rasi
02. Beneath the Earth planet are ________ more planets.
a)   4
b)   5
c)   6
d)   7
03. Most of the residents of the lower planetary system are known as_________.
a)   Daityas
b)   Danavas
c)   Nagas
d)   All the above
04. ____________ is the demon in bilva-svarga, who is an expert artist and architect_________.
a)   Viswakarma
b)   MayaDanava
c)   Rahu
d)   Bala
05. In the subterranean planets, there is no concept of day and night because__________.
a)   They are very powerful
b)   There is no sunshine
c)   There is no moon
d)   They are always covered in mode of ignorance
06. In Atala the great demon _________ lives who created 96 kinds of mystic power.
a)   Bala
b)   MayaDanava
c)   Bali
d)   Kadru
07. Bali Maharaja resides in__________.
a)   Atala
b)   Vitala
c)   Sulata
d)   Talatala
08. Maya Danava is protected by__________.
a)   Lord Brahma
b)   Lord Siva
c)   Lord Vishnu
d)   Narada Muni
09. The demoniac sons of Diti and Danu residing in Rasatala are__________.
a)   Panis
b)   Nivata-Kavacas
c)   Kaleyas
d)   All the above
10. The entire planetary system of bilva-svarga is illuminated by___________.
a)   Sunshine
b)   Moonshine
c)   Bedecked jewels on the hoods of serpents of Patala
d)   Sudarsan Cakra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c d d b b a c b d c
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