Canto 05, Chapter 09: The Supreme Character of Jada Bharata – Quiz

01. After giving up the body of a deer Maharaja Bharata took birth in the family of_______.
a)   A pure brahmana
b)   A third class candala
c)   Dog eaters
d)   Vaisyas
02. Maharaja Bharata was always cautious of associating with his relatives and friends and manifested himself as dull, blind and deaf because_________.
a)   They were all very cruel to him
b)   He hated them all
c)   He feared that he would again fall down
d)   He was insane
03. The Brahmana was very much_____________ towards Jada Bhararta.
a)   Cruel
b)   Jealous
c)   Attached 
d)   Indifferent
04. Jada Bharata behaved like a fool despite his father adequately instructing him in vedic knowledge because_______.
a)   He wanted his father to think that he was unfit  for instructions and would give up on him
b)   He did not like his father
c)   He was really insane
d)   He was totally unintelligent
05. After the death of the parents of Jada Bharata, his step brothers__________.
a)   Mistreated him and took advantage of him
b)   Took good care of him as his father
c)   Tried to kill him
d)   None of the above
06. When the dacoit priest was about to kill Jada Bharata with his sharp sword,____________came and protected Jada Bharata.
a)   Narada Muni
b)   Goddess Kali
c)   Lord Vishnu
d)   Lord Shiva
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a c c a a b
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