Canto 05, Chapter 10: The Discussion Between Jada Bharata and Maharaja Rahugana – Quiz

01. The palanquin carriers of _____________ thought Jada Bharata to be a suitable person to carry the palanquin.
a)   Maharaja Prthu
b)   Maharaja Bharata
c)   Maharaja Rahuguna
d)   Lord Shiva
02. The palanquin was erratically carried by Jada Bharata because________.
a)   He was incapable of carrying heavy loads
b)   He had the sense on nonviolence and was minding his steps while walking
c)   He was actually a spiritually realized soul and not meant to perform menial tasks
d)   He did not want to cooperate with the king’s orders
03. On understanding that it was due to Jada Bharata the palanquin was unstable, Maharaja Rahuguna__________.
a)   Sarcastically criticized Jada Bharata
b)   Changed the palanquin carrier
c)   Asked the reason patiently
d)   Did not utter a word
04. When Maharaja Rahuguna started to chastise Jada Bharata, Jada Bharata__________.
a)   Started to preach to him on the science of body and soul and thus how the sarcastic words of the king were actually true
b)   Silently left the place
c)   Cursed the king
d)   None of the above
05. On hearing the philosophical discussions on the Absolute truth by Jada Bharata,_________.
a)   The King’s material conception was destroyed
b)   He descended from the palanquin and fell flat with his head at the lotus feet of Jada Bharata
c)   He be began to offer prayers and accepted Jada Bharata as his spiritual master
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: c b a a d
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