Canto 05, Chapter 08: A Description of the Character of Bharata Maharaja – Quiz

01. Once when Maharaja Bharata was the sitting on the bank of the river Gandaki, he saw a thirsty ______.
a)   Cow
b)   Doe
c)   Lion
d)   Elephant
02. Maharaja Bharata, on seeing the small deer bereft of its mother_________.
a)   Felt compassionate and left
b)   Felt compassionate and took it to its flock and left it there
c)   Felt compassionate and took it to his ashrama
d)   Was emotionless
03. As days passed by, Maharaja Bharata_________.
a)   Was totally engrossed in devotional service and made his life perfect
b)   Became strongly attached to the deer
c)   Forgot everything about his spiritual advancement
d)   Both band c
04. Maharaja Bharata was actually thinking_________.
a)   That though the deer is disturbing his spiritual life, still the helpless creature cannot be neglected and that would be the greatest fault
b)   That the current greatest fault he is committing is not considering his spiritual advancement
c)   Of becoming a deer
d)   Of killing the deer
05. The greatest welfare that one can or should do is__________.
a)   To improve the material conditions of people in general
b)   To try to raise the spiritual consciousness of suffering beings
c)   Be detached from others thoughts or feelings
d)   Welfare activities in bodily terms
06. When Maharaja Bharata was actually worshipping the Lord or was engaged in ritualistic ceremony,_________.
a)   His consciousness was totally absorbed in the deer and its welfare
b)   His consciousness was totally absorbed in the Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)   Was always thinking of ways and means to give up the association of the deer
d)   None of the above
07. If Maharaja Bharata would not see the deer for a long time________.
a)   His mind would be agitated and full of anxiety and fear for the deer
b)   He would quickly finish his spiritual activities in peace
c)   Would pray that the deer may never return
d)   He would  be furious
08. Thus Maharaja Bharata gave up his body thinking of the deer and became a deer in his next life. But the advantage he had was________.
a)   He did not forget the incidents of his past life
b)   By constant repentance of his previous life’s foolishness, he became completely detached from material things
c)   He spent his life in Pulahasrama focusing on the Super soul and finally gave up that body
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b c d b b a a d
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