Canto 05, Chapter 07: The Activities of King Bharata – Quiz

01. After Lord Rsabhadeva, the planet earth was ruled by ___________.
a)   Parikshit Maharaja
b)   Yudhistira Maharaja
c)   Bharata Maharaja
d)   Pandu Maharaja
02. Maharaja Bharata married __________, daughter of Visvarupa.
a)   Paanchali
b)   Pankaja
c)   Pancajani
d)   Pancakanya
03. Maharaja Bharata and his wife had ________ sons.
a)   5
b)   15
c)   20
d)   25
04. Formerly this planet was known as __________.
a)   Bharata varsa
b)   Ajanabha varsa
c)   India
d)   Harsha varsa
05. Maharaja Bharata was__________.
a)   A very learned an experienced king
b)   Perfectly ruled the citizens and was affectionate to them
c)   None of the above
d)   Both a and b
06. Maharaj Bharata performed various kinds of sacrifices__________.
a)   So that he eternally remains as the king
b)   By satisfying the different demigods, he can be immortal
c)   He did not have faith on Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)  Understood that the demigods are the different parts of Lord’s body and finally the objective of all sacrifices is to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead
07. Destiny fixed time for Maharaja Bharata’s enjoyment of material opulence was_________.
a)   One thousand years
b)   One thousand times ten thousand years
c)   Ten thousand years
d)   Hundred years
08. Once the prescribed time period of the ruling of King Bharata was over________.
a)   He wanted more longer period and so went to do tapasya to please the Lord
b)   He retired from family and left for Pulahasrama 
c)   He abruptly left to the forest 
d)   He gave up his body
09. At the bank of Gandaki River, Maharaja Bharata________.
a)   Lived alone 
b)   He always worshipped Vaasudeva and remained satisfied
c)   His heart was uncontaminated and did not have tinge of material desire
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: c c a b d d b b d
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