Canto 05, Chapter 06: The Activities of Lord Rishabhadeva – Quiz

01. ________________ is the root cause of lust, anger, pride, greed, lamentation, illusion and fear.
a)   Mind
b)   Heart
c)   Intelligence
d)   False Ego
02. Why did Lord Rsabhadeva neglect the mystic yogic powers that He possessed?
a)   Because those who are advanced in spiritual life do not put faith in the mind
b)   Because He did not like them
c)   Because though He had, He did not know the method of using it
d)   None of the above
03. Lord Rsabhadeva assumed the dress and language of ___________________ and roamed all throughout the world.
a)   Vishnuduta
b)   Brahma Bhoota
c)   Avadhuta
d)   Vayuduta
04. Lord Rsabhadeva’s body were burnt to ashes by a forest fire near ___________.
a)   Konka
b)   Venka
c)   Kutakacala
d)   Ajanta
05. King Arhat heard the activities of Rsabhadeva and imitating Rsabhadeva’s principles introduced a new system of atheistic religion called _____________.
a)   Jain dharma
b)   Buddhism
c)   Jews
d)   Monism
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a a c c a
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