Canto 05, Chapter 05: Lord Rishabhadeva’s Teachings to His Sons – Quiz

01. Lord Rsabhadeva told His sons that all living entities who have especially been awarded this human form________.
a)   Should work day and night for sense gratification
b)   Should engage in penance and austerities to attain mystic yoga
c)   To strive to attain the divine position of devotional service and be purified
d)   To merge with the Supreme
02. To best way to attain path of liberation from material bondage is________.
a)   To serve ones senses
b)   To render service to the mahatmas
c)   To do severe penances
d)   To give up ones body
03. Characteristic of mahatmas are__________.
a)   They are equipoised
b)   They are very peaceful and devoid of anger
c)   They are fully engaged in devotional service and work for the benefit of everyone
d)   All the above
04. One has to keep accepting material bodies as long as__________.
a)   Mind is impure
b)   Consciousness is unclear
c)   One is absorbed in fruitive activity
d)   All the above
05. To give up the basic principle of illusion (I and mine)_________.
a)   The attraction between male and female should be stronger
b)   Attachments due to results of past life should be slackened
c)   Have full faith in Vedic literatures and always observe celibacy
d)   Both b and c
06. Lord Rsabhadeva asked His sons to engage themselves in the service of ____________ which will include their service to Him.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Bharata
c)   Narada Muni
d)   Rsabhadeva
07. Among 1. animals 2. Human Beings 3. Ghosts 4. Gandharvas, the order of superiority is__________.
a)   1,2,3,4
b)   4,3,2,1
c)   2,4,3,1
d)   4,2,1,3
08. Among 1. Brahmanas 2. Lord Vishnu 3. Lord Brahma 4. Lord Siva, order of superiority is_________.
a)   1,2,3,4
b)   4,3,2,1
c)   2,4,3,1
d)   2,3,4,1
09. There are _________ qualifications for a brahmana.
a)   2
b)   4
c)   6
d)   8
10. Lord Rsabhadeva instructed His own sons because________.
a)   They were not following the path laid down by Him
b)   To set an example as to how a father should instruct His sons before retiring from family life
c)   They should properly take care of their mother
d)   He wanted the world to remember Him always

11. After instructing His sons, Lord Rsabhadeva__________.
a)   Stayed back in the kingdom to see if the sons are really following His instructions
b)   Took His wife and went to the forest
c)   Enthroned Bharatha and lived like a madman, naked and disheveled hair
d)   Went on to deep meditation
12. When Lord Rsabhadeva was thus travelling through cities, villages, mines, etc__________.
a)   Everywhere people welcomed Him with great respect
b)   People were terrified on seeing Him and ran into their homes
c)   People were piteous of His condition and provided Him food and shelter 
d)   He was always been beaten, urinated upon, spat upon
13. On seeing people’s reactions, Lord Rsabhadeva was_________.
a)   Furious and cursed them to go to hell for eternity
b)   Not angry on anyone and continued His travel throughout the world
c)   Happily laughing and joking and singing
d)   Bewildered and returned to the forest
14. When Lord Rsabhadeva saw that the general populace was very antagonistic, He accepted the behavior of a ___________.
a)   Rabbit
b)   Frog
c)   Monkey
d)   Python
15. Thus Lord ate, drank and passed stool and urine and smeared His body with urine and stool. By this,__________.
a)   The public did not disturb Him
b)   The stool and urine were so aromatic that they filled the entire area with pleasant fragrance
c)   He cheated the people 
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer: c b d d d b b a d b c d b d d
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