Canto 05, Chapter 04: The Characteristics of Rishabhadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead – Quiz

02. ________________became envious of King Rsabhadeva.
a)   King Indra
b)   The Gandharvas
c)   The Kinnaras
d)   King Bharata
03. Consequently Indra stopped providing rains. As a result_________.
a)   There was drought in Ajanabha
b)   Rsabhadeva cursed Indra
c)   The citizens of Ajanabha began to worship Indra
d)   Rsabhadeva by His own prowess profusely poured water upon Ajanabha
04. King Naabhi understood the popularity of His son and so he__________.
a)   Enthroned Rsabhadeva as the emperor of the world
b)   Left to Badarikasrama with his wife Merudevi
c)   Both a and b
d)   Abruptly left to the forest
05. King Naabhi worshipped the Supreme Personality of Godhead in full Samadhi and in course of time was elevated to_________.
a)   Vaikunta Loka
b)   Siddhaloka
c)   Gandharva Loka
d)   Pitraloka
06. To glorify Maharaja Naabhi, the old sages composed ______________ verse(s).
a)   1
b)   2
c)   3
d)   4
07. After King Naabhi departed, Lord Rsabhadeva__________.
a)   Also immediately left to the forest
b)   Showed Himself as an example and taught the duties of a householder and accurately followed Varnasrama Dharma
c)   Immediately took sannyasa
d)   None of the above
08. From His wife Jayanti, Rsabhdeva begot _________ son(s).
a)   1
b)   100
c)   1000
d)   10000
09. Although Lord Rsabhadeva knew everything about all types of occupational duties, he maintained Himself as a__________.
a)   Vaishnava
b)   Brahmana
c)   Kshatriya
d)   Vaisya
10. During the reign of King Rsabhadeva all the citizens_________.
a)   Were completely satisfied
b)   Felt that their voice was not been heard
c)   Were been overpowered by the King
d)   Were neglectful in their duties
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer:   a d c a b b b c a
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