Canto 05, Chapter 03: Rishabhadeva Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi – Quiz

01. The nine sons of Maharaja Agnidhra married the nine daughters of __________.
a)   Meru
b)   Sumeru
c)   Mandara
d)   Pushpaka
02. The eldest son of Agnidhra was ___________.
a)   Naabhi
b)   Kimpurusa
c)   Bhadraasva
d)   Ketumaala
03. Maharaja Naabhi attentively worshipped the Supreme Personality of Godhead _____________.
a)   To have sons
b)   To have daughters
c)   To be immortal
d)   To acquire mystic powers
04. Lord Vishnu appeared before King Naabhi in ____________.
a)   Death personified form
b)   The form of a brahman boy
c)   The form of Mohini Murthi
d)   4 handed and a very pleasing and affectionate form
05. On seeing the Lord present before them, King Naabhi and his priests _________.
a)   Felt just like poor people who have suddenly attained great riches
b)   Received the Lord respectfully
c)   Offered the Lord things in worship
d)   All the above
06. The Lord appearing in front of a devotee is due to ___________.
a)   The devotee’s sacrifices
b)   The devotee’s past karma
c)   Lord’s abundant causeless mercy
d)   The devotee’s opulent worship
07. The priests had invited the Lord by this sacrifice to fulfill King Naabhi’s desire to have a son. On seeing the Lord, they _____________.
a)   Felt that their desire was so insignificant that it was like approaching a rich man for a few grains
b)   Felt that their intelligence was not very sharp for they are asking something trivial
c)   Felt that they had committed a great sin for inviting the Lord for a material motive
d)   All the above
08. Lord on hearing the offered prayers _________.
a)   Was very pleased
b)   Told that He would personally expand Himself into a plenary portion and advent Himself into the womb of Merudevi, wife of Maharaja Naabhi
c)   Both a and b
d)   Blessed all of them to have a very long life
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a a a d d c d c
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