Canto 05, Chapter 02: The Activities of Maharaja Agnidhra – Quiz

01. After King Priyavrata departed to follow spiritual life, the ruling of Jambudvipa was accepted by ______.
a)  Uttama
b)   Agnidhra
c)   Kavi
d)   Idhmajihva
02. Maharaja Agnidhra desired to become the inhabitant of _______.
a)  Devaloka
b)   Siddhaloka
c)   Vaikuntaloka
d)   Pitraloka
03. Agnidhra desired to get married and thus worshipped _______ at Mandara Hill.
a)  Lord Brahma
b)   Lord Vishnu
c)   Lord Siva
d)   Narada Muni
04. On understanding Maharaja’s desire, Lord Brahma sent the apsara _______ to attract the king.
a)  Menaka
b)   Purvacitti
c)   Urvasi
d)   Ramba
05. On seeing the apsara and her beautiful bodily features, the king ________.
a)  Became furious
b)   Cursed her
c)   Was completely subdued and started to speak to her
d)   Was not at all in any ways disturbed
06. Agnidhra, having lost his intelligence, mistook the apsara for _______.
a)  The son of a saintly person
b)   Princess from the heavenly kingdom
c)   An old lady
d)   An animal
07. Agnidhra asked the boy the reason to carry two bows without strings. These were actually the _______.
a)  2 hands of the apsara
b)   2 waist belts of the apsara
c)   2 eyes of the apsara
d)   2 eye brows of the apsara
08. After describing in detail on every attractive part of the apsara, Agnidhra _______.
a)   Asked her to return to her abode as he wanted to continue with his austerities
b)   Forcibly jumped upon her
c)   Abruptly left the place
d)   Requested her to be his wife
09. Hearing the proposal of the Agnidhra, Purvacitti, _________.
a)   Happily married him and they lived together for thousands of years
b)   Cursed him
c)   Blessed him to get a more better wife and went away
d)   Disappeared to the celestial kingdom
10. Maharaja Agnidhra begot _______ son(s) from the womb of Purvacitti.
a)   100
b)   1000
c)   9
d)   1
11. After all the sons grew up, Purvacitti _________.
a)   Gave up her body
b)   Left them at home and again approached Lord Brahma to worship him
c)   Went to the forest to be Krishna Conscious
d)   Desired to have a daughter
12. After Purvacitti’s departure, Agnidhra ___________.
a)   Went to the forest to be completely Krishna Conscious
b)   Married again
c)   Ruled the kingdom as a wise and responsible king
d)   Could not satisfy his lusty desires and was always thinking of her
13. The king after his death returned to ___________
a)   Goloka
b)   The same planet as his celestial wife
c)   Vaikunta loka
d)   Brahmaloka
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
Answer: b d a b c a d d a c b d b
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