Canto 05, Chapter 01: The Activities of Maharaja Priyavrata – Quiz

01. Prince Priyavrata ________.
a)   Was married at a very early age
b)   Decided to engage himself only in transcendental knowledge
c)   Was a very materialistic person
d)   Took charge of ruling the world at a very early age
02. Prince Priyavrata’s father is _________.
a)   Lord Brahma
b)   Vaivasata Manu
c)   Svayambhuva Manu
d)   King Uttanupada
03. The Spiritual Master of King Priyavrata was________.
a)   Narada Muni
b)   Lord Brahma
c)   Maitreya Rishi
d)   Sukadeva Gosvami
04. The order of Prince Priyavrata’s father was ________.
a)   To take charge of ruling the world
b)   To continuously practice Bhakthi Yoga
c)   To always remain in family life
d)   None of the above
05. __________ descended to meet Priyavrata.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Narada Muni
c)   Lord Brahma
d)   Lord Siva
06. Lord Brhma’s carrier is________.
a)   Peacock
b)   Lion
c)   Alligator
d)   Swan
07. When Lord Brahma came to meet, Priyavrata was residing at ________.
a)   Himalayas
b)   Gandhamadana Hill
c)   The Palace
d)   The forest
08. On seeing Lord Brahma, Priyavrata _________.
a)   Offered great worship and respect
b)   Started running
c)   Was disturbed
d)   Was furious
09. Lord Brahma said that it was the order of __________ to Priyavrata to accept material enjoyment and thus be librated and be able to carry out the orders in his constitutional position.
a)   Supreme Personality of Godhead
b)   Svayambhuva Manu
c)   Uttanupada
d)   His spiritual master Narada Muni
10. On hearing the words of Lord Brahma, Priyavrata ________.
a)   Was Furious
b)   Became Proud
c)   Became shy
d)   Accepted the order and carried it out with great respect

11. Following the order of the Lord, King Priyavrata fully engaged in material affairs and________.
a)  Totally forgot the Lord
b)   Wanted to remain in material life
c)   Became proud
d)   Yet always remembered the lotus feet of the Lord
12. King Priyavrata begot _______ son(s) from his first wife Barhismati.
a)   1
b)   10
c)   100
d)   1000
13. Among the sons of King Priyavrata, ______ lived in complete celibacy throughout their life.
a)   1
b)   3
c)   9
d)   21
14. When King Priyavrata drove his chariot behind the sun, the rims of the chariot divided the Bhu-mandala into ______ islands.
a)  100
b)   2
c)   1000
d)   7
15. Maharaj Priyavrata at the end of his life ________.
a)  Reawakened his senses, retired from family life and became fully Krishna Conscious
b)   With his wife went to the forest to practice Krishna Consciousness
c)   Could not be absolute Krishna Conscious
d)   None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer: b c a a c d b a a d d b b d d
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