Canto 04, Chapter 24: Chanting the Song Sung by Lord Shiva – Quiz

01. Vijitaasva, the eldest son of Maharaja Prthu, after his father’s death,_________.
a)   Sent away all his brothers to the forest and took control of everything
b)   Was very affectionate towards his brothers and gave them different directions of the world to govern
c)   Gave away the kingdom to his brothers and he himself went to the forest for meditation
d)   Went along with his brothers into the ocean for meditation
02. Maharaja Vijitaasva had received the title of ‘Antardhana’ by________.
a)   Brahma
b)   Shiva
c)   Vishnu
d)   Indra
03. When Antardhana, the supreme royal power has to exact taxes, he did not want to do so, so he_________.
a)   Exempted all taxes
b)   He retired from execution of such duties and engaged himself in devotional service
c)   Became busy in increasing his progeny
d)   He gave up his body
04. ________, son of Havirdhana , grandson of Antardhana, came to be known as Pracinabarhi.
a)   Gaya
b)   Sukla
c)   Krsna
d)   Barhisat
05. King Pracinabarhi begot ten children from Satadruti who were known as________.
a)   Barhis
b)   Pracetas
c)   Prajapatis
d)   Manus
06. When ordered by their father to marry and beget children, the Pracetas_________.
a)   Followed their father’s order
b)   Entered the ocean and married nagakanyas
c)   Entered the ocean and practiced austerities
d)   Were very jubilant
07. Lord Shiva was very much pleased with the Pracetas and gave his darshan to them because_________.
a)   The pracetas were all handsome
b)   The pracetas were the sons of the great king Pracinabarhi
c)   The pracetas were the devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Vaasudeva
d)   The pracetas were the devotees of Lord Shiva
08. After seeing the Pracetas, being pleased, Lord Shiva began to_________.
a)   Chant one mantra which was to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead
b)   Instruct the pracetas with the science of God
c)   Dance in ecstasy
d)   Call in for his goblin associates
09. The Supreme directing deity of the mind and senses is_________.
a)   Vaasudeva
b)   Pradyumna
c)   Aniruddha
d)   Sankarsana
10. The Supreme Lord is also known as________for His ability to destroy the whole creation by the blazing fire from His mouth________.
a)   Vaasudeva
b)   Pradyumna
c)   Aniruddha
d)   Sankarsana
11. Lord Shiva in his prayers tell that he would like to see________.
a)   The universal form of the Lord
b)   The small baby form of the Lord that mother Yashoda took care
c)   That form that is especially liked by the devotees because that can perfectly satisfy all the demands of the senses
d)   The Pauganda form of the Lord that killed the demons of Vrndavan

12. A devotee who rises early in the morning and chants the prayers sung by Lord Shiva will_________.

a)   Become free from bondage of all fruitive activities
b)   Be easily able to invoke the mercy of the Supreme Lord
c)   Please the Supreme Lord and be fixed in devotional service
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: b d b d b c c a c d c d
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