Canto 04, Chapter 23: Maharaja Prithu’s Going Back Home – Quiz

01. When Maharaja Prthu saw himself getting old,_________.
a)   He went into deep meditation for the revival of his youth
b)   Divided his property among his citizens and went into the forest with his wife
c)   Abandoned his wife and alone went for meditation
d)   Abandoned his kingdom and went into forest with his entire family
02. When living in the forest, for Maharaj Prthu’s maintenance__________.
a)   His citizens would regularly supply all his needs in the forest
b)   He lived on dried leaves/fruits or sometimes only air
c)   Demigods would supply all his required necessities
d)   He begged alms 
03. By practicing severe austerities, Maharaja Prthu_________.
a)   Gradually became steadfast in spiritual life
b)   Became free from all desires for fruitive activity
c)   His mind and senses were controlled
d)   All the above
04. The maidservants of devotional service are_________.
a)   Material opulence
b)   Liberation
c)   Mystic powers
d)   All the above
05. Svarupopalabdhi means_________.
a)   Understanding ones eternal position to be the servant of Krishna
b)   Understanding ones pure spiritual position
c)   Understanding ones true and real identity
d)   All the above 
06. By being with her husband in the forest, queen Arci__________.
a)   Felt great pleasure in serving her husband
b)   Could not tolerate the conditions of the forest and returned to the palace
c)   Had the bodily comforts similar to that of the palace
d)   Was totally disappointed
07. When queen Arci saw that her husband no longer showed symptoms of life,_________.
a)   She lamented for a while and then entered into the flames of the pyre of her husband
b)   She lamented and returned to the palace to live under the shelter of her children
c)   She continued to live in the forest after performing the last rites for her husband’s body
d)   None of the above
08. Queen Arci attained_________after giving up her body in the funeral fire of her husband.
a)   Patiloka
b)   Pitraloka
c)   Vaikunta loka
d)   Brahmajyotia
09. By describing or hearing the great characteristics of king Prthu with faith and determination__________.
a)   One will return home to the Vaikunta planets
b)   Anyone belonging to any varna and ashrama will perfect his life
c)   A Man or a woman can have any of their spiritual or material desires fulfilled
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: b b d d d a a c d
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