Canto 04, Chapter 25: The Descriptions of the Characteristics of King Puranjana – Quiz

01. Hearing the instructions of Lord Shiva, the sons of King Barhisat_______.
a)   Returned to the kingdom to lead a devotional life
b)   Called upon their father and complained against Lord Shiva
c)   Worshipped Lord Shiva with great devotion and respect and stood in water for 10,000 years reciting prayers given by Lord Shiva
d)   Performed severe meditation focusing on Lord Shiva
02. While the princes were performing severe austerities, king Pracinabarhisat was performing different types of fruitive activities. At this time _________ felt compassionate and came to instruct the king.
a)   Narada Muni
b)   Lord Narayana
c)   Lord Shiva
d)   Lord Brahma
03. The story of King Puranjana is actually_________.
a)   An historical story
b)   A mystical narration
c)   The story of King Pracinabarhisat himself
d)   A real devotional story
04. King Puranjana and his friend Avijnata are actually references to_________.
a)   King Pracinabarhisat and his son
b)   No actual reference as they are just allegorical stories
c)   Every living entity who is the king of his body and the Paramatma residing within the living entity
d)   None of the above
05. King Puranjana travelled a lot just to find a suitable place to live. At the end_________.
a)   Unfortunately he found a feeling of insufficiency everywhere and gave up his search
b)   He became morose and disappointed and gave up
c)   In Bharatvarsa, he found a jeweled city with nine gates
d)   He realized his vain search and entered in to devotional service
06. The entire capital was compared to the celestial town ‘Bhogavati’. The capital is compared to__________.
a)   Heart which is centre for all planning for material enjoyment
b)   Brain which is centre for all planning for material enjoyment
c)   Stomach which is the centre for all nourishment for the body
d)   The entire body
07. The atmosphere of the place is said to be very pleasant, non violent and non envious. This represents the_________.
a)   The so called peaceful family life with the accompany of wife and children so much that the desire is to be with family always
b)   The forest atmosphere where all animals are peaceful
c)   Spiritual world
d)   Mind of a sage
08. King Puranjana saw a woman who was anxiously looking for a suitable husband. The woman represents the________.
a)   Mind
b)   Ego
c)   Intelligence
d)   Body
09. King Puranjana on seeing the woman and her beauty__________.
a)   Was completely filled with lusty desires
b)   Enquired about here whereabouts and her accompanying associates
c)   Glorified himself to be a suitable husband for her
d)   All the above
10. The woman on hearing the king’s proposal__________.
a)   Became furious and cursed the king
b)   Instructed the king on the path self realization
c)   Ran away in fear
d)   Glorified the benefits of family 

11. King Puranjana after marrying the woman_________.
a)   Realized his supreme position as a servant of God and returned to the forest
b)   Was completely under the control of material intelligence and lived his life to fulfill the desires of the queen
c)   Although in family life was never able to live peacefully
d)   None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: c a c c c a a c d d b
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