Canto 04, Chapter 22: Prithu Maharaja’s Meeting with the Four Kumaras – Quiz

01. When the citizens were praying to Maharaj Prthu, _________arrived on the spot.
a)   Lord Shiva
b)   Lord Brahma
c)   Lord Vishnu
d)   The 4 kumaras
02. On seeing the 4 Kumaras suddenly, Maharaj Prthu_________.
a)   Was greatly anxious to receive them
b)   Was exemplary in his behavior on receiving a spiritually advanced personality
c)   Bowed down and worshiped them
d)   All the above
03. It is said that a house holder should be very eager to invite saintly persons because by doing so,_________.
a)   They get an opportunity to receive transcendental knowledge
b)   The master and the servants of the home along with the home is glorified
c)   They receive special blessings
d)   All the above
04. Maharaja Prthu on receiving the 4 kumaras, inquired_________.
a)   Can persons engaged in sense gratification be blessed with any good fortune?
b)   For persons blazing in fire of material existence, how to achieve ultimate goal of life
c)   Both a and b
d)   About their good and bad fortune
05. Maharaja Prthu was mainly referring to________when he meant materialistic sense gratifiers.
a)   Brahmachari
b)   Grahastha
c)   Vanaprastha
d)   Sannyasi
06. Attachment to Supreme can be increased by_________.
a)   Practicing devotional service
b)   Worshipping the Supreme
c)   Hearing and chanting the glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)   All the above
07. The main cause of one’s fall down in the material world is due to_________.
a)   Material desire for sense enjoyment
b)   Our birth as human beings
c)   Not killing the desires entirely
d)   The fault of the material creation
08. Learned scholars consider the soul to be lost when___________.
a)   No proper knowledge is executed
b)   One loses his real remembrance as part and parcel of the Supreme
c)   Activities of proper consciousness are checked
d)   All the above
09. At the present moment human civilization is too much attached to_________.
a)   Religion and faith
b)   Economic development and Sense Gratification
c)   Liberation and devotional service
d)   None of the above
10. It is advised to engage in devotional service of Krsna compared to the practices of jnanis or yogis because_________.
a)   One in devotional service unto the lotus feet of the Supreme becomes so overwhelmed by transcendental bliss that automatically their desires for material enjoyment stops)   
b)   The jnanis and yogis get more entangled in false philosophical speculation or strenuous attempts to stop the activities of the senses
c)   Devotional service employs superior desires
d)   All the above
11. Although the ocean of material existence is difficult to cross, by _________, one can overcome all dangers.
a)   Austerities
b)   Taking shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord
c)   Penances
d)   Killing all sharks
12. It is the _________ who enjoy their own property, clothe themselves with their own property and give charity with their own property.
a)   Bhramanas
b)   Kshatriyas
c)   Vaisyas
d)   Sudras
13. King Prthu begot_________sons from his wife Arci by his own will.
a)   3
b)   4
c)   5
d)   6
14. Maharaja Prthu’s intelligence and opulence were exactly like that of_________.
a)   Yamaraja
b)   Kuvera
c)   Himalayas
d)   Brihaspati
15. Prthu Maharaja’s strength was compared to________.
a)   Indra
b)   Earth
c)   Soma raja
d)   Sun God
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer: d d d c b d a d b d b a c a a
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