Canto 04, Chapter 21: Instructions by Maharaja Prithu – Quiz

01. After achieving great success and reputation which spread throughout the world, Maharaj Prthu became_______.
a)   Morose
b)   Proud
c)   Greedy
d)   Unaffected and remained composed
02. Maharaj Prthu considered the reason of him being the greatest king as_________.
a)   Grace of the Supreme Lord
b)   A result of his noble activities
c)   As being a descendent of Dhruva Maharaj
d)   None of the above
03. Maharaj Prthu, even though being greatest, requested the citizens the do their duties perfectly because_________.
a)   By this the king’s name and fame will increase
b)   The citizens could protect their own interests
c)   They could bestow mercy upon the king for his welfare after death
d)   B and C
04. Jnana refers to_________.
a)   Understanding that one is not the body
b)   Disinterest in sense gratification
c)   Too much material knowledge
d)   Scientific knowledge
05. Vairagya refers to_________.
a)   Disinterest in personal form of the Lord
b)   Understanding that one is not the body
c)   Disinterest in sense gratification
d)   Understanding that Lord is the Supreme Person
06. By practicing __________one can directly perceive his advancement in spiritual life.
a)   Bhakthi yoga
b)   Karma Yoga
c)   Jnana Yoga
d)   Dhyana Yoga
07. Engaging ones mind in the loving service of the Lord is the occupational duty of a_________.
a)   Brahmana
b)   Kshatriya
c)   Vaisya
d)   Sudra
08. Engaging in the produce of food stuffs, protection of cows, trading when excess in production etc. is the occupational duty of a_______.
a)   Brahmana
b)   Kshatriya
c)   Vaisya
d)   Sudra
09. Sudras must fulfill the duty of the_________.
a)   Head
b)   Arms
c)   Belly
d)   Legs
10. Kshatriyas should fulfill the duty of the_________.
a)   Head
b)   Arms
c)   Belly
d)   Legs

11. Prthu Maharaj warned his citizens never to commit offenses against_________and_________.
a)   Humans and animals
b)   Trees and plants
c)   Brahmanas and Vaishnavas
d)   Kshatriyas and Vaishyas
12. In brahmana stage, one’s understanding of the Absolute Truth is mainly based on the________view.
a)   Personal
b)   Impersonal
c)   Intimate
d)   Logical
13. When a brahmana with all his brahminical qualifications engages in the transcendentally loving service of the Lord, he becomes________.
a)   A pure brahmana
b)   A Vaishnava
c)   A demigod
d)   A gandharva
14. The Supreme Personality of Godhead obtained His staunch reputation by worshipping the lotus feet of Brahmanas and Vaishnavas . The Lord needs to do this to________.
a)   Become pure
b)   To set an exemplary behavior
c)   To acquire material gain
d)   To acquire name and fame
15. A real brahmana is one________.
a)   Who is born in a brahmana family
b)   Must possess all the qualities mentioned in the sastras
c)   Practice the brahminical principles in his life
d)   Both b and c
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer: d a d a c a a c d b c b b b d
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