Canto 04, Chapter 20: Lord Vishu’s Appearance in the Sacrificial Arena of Maharaja Prithu – Quiz

01. Being very much satisfied by the performance of 99 horse sacrifices, SPG, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Maharaja Prthu along with_______.
a)   Goddess of fortune
b)   Lord Brahma
c)   Lord Shiva
d)   Indra
02. In the material nature, one who is situated in full knowledge of atma and Paramatma is never affected by modes of material nature because________.
a)   He is always engaged in transcendental service
b)   He is too busy serving his senses
c)   He is liberated
d)   He is aloof from everything around
03. At what stage there is real peace in life_________.
a)   When the heart is cleansed of all material contamination, one’s mind becomes broader and transparent, and he can see things equally
b)   When one situated in his occupational duty engages in Lord’s loving service without motive for material gain
c)   When one is connected with Lord in intense friendship and affection
d)   All the above
04. By following the prescribed occupational duty of the king, he in his next life shares_________Of the result of the pious activities of the citizens_________.
a)   1/4th
b)   1/5th
c)   1/6th
d)   1/8th
05. One is eligible to get the favor and mercy of the Lord by________.
a)   Performances of sacrifices
b)   Mystic Yoga
c)   Severe austerities
d)   Being equipoised in all circumstances
06. When the Lord was instructing King Prthu on being an ideal king, King Indra, who was standing by felt________.
a)   Great envy
b)   Greatly ashamed
c)   Out of place
d)   Very greedy
07. Prthu Maharaj desired for the benediction of_________from the Lord.
a)   Liberation
b)   Merging into His existence
c)   Have a very long life
d)   Hearing the glories of the Lord from His pure devotees
08. Prthu Maharaj was very eager to hear the glories of the Lord from His pure devotees because________.
a)   The transcendental vibration from their mouths makes the living entity remember his transcendental relationship with the Lord
b)   That is the perfection of hearing and chanting accepted even by Goddess of fortune
c)   The selected verses uttered by pure devotees is just like saffron particles emanating from the lotus feet of the Lord
d)   All the above
09. Prthu Maharaj desires to serve the Lord in the same way as _________.
a)   Hanuman
b)   Garuda
c)   Goddess of fortune
d)   Arjuna
10. Maharaj Prthu does not ask for any material benefits because_________.
a)   That is cause of bewilderment and anxiety
b)   Makes the living entity forgetful of his real constitutional position
c)   Material benefits are never very auspicious for a devotee
d)   All the above

11. Lord blessed Maharaja Prthu_________and returned to His abode.
a)   To be engaged in His devotional service
b)   To take the position of Indra and rule the heavenly planets very efficiently
c)   To come back and join Him in the spiritual world immediately
d)   To take the position of goddess Laxmi
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: d a d c d b d d c d a
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