Canto 04, Chapter 17: Maharaja Prithu Becomes Angry at the Earth – Quiz

01. Maharaja Prthu accepted________as the Spiritual Master.
a)   Brahma
b)   Lord Shiva
c)   Sanat -Kumara
d)   Goddess of fortune
02. The citizens approached King Prthu in distress due to________.
a)   Fire of hunger in their stomachs
b)   Lack of co-operation among themselves
c)   Attack of thieves and robbers
d)   Lack of sufficient water
03. The reason for the lack of food grains was_________.
a)   The people were lazy to produce
b)   The food grains was being stolen
c)   The earth refused to produce
d)   None of the above
04. The king prepared to________ mother earth.
a)   Glorify
b)   Request
c)   Fear
d)   Kill
05. Mother earth took the shape of a________while being chased by the king.
a)   Tiger
b)   Cow
c)   Deer
d)   Sheep
06. The cow-shaped earth at the end, out of helplessness________.
a)   Gave up her body
b)   Surrendered to the king
c)   Ran away into outer space
d)   Took shelter of the Lord
07. Mother earth claimed that she cannot be killed by giving the reasoning________.
a)   She is sinless
b)   She is a woman
c)   If she is killed all the citizens will drown in the Garbhodak Ocean
d)   All the above
08. The King________all of mother Earth’s arguments.
a)   Refuted
b)   Agreed
c)   Surrendered
d)   Obeyed
09. Mother Earth knowing her helpless position started________King Prthu.
a)   Cursing
b)   Envying
c)   Glorifying
d)   Firing
10. The Lord in his Varaha incarnation has been famous by the name________He who holds the planet Earth.
a)   Adhokshaja
b)   Vaasudeva
c)   Dharaadhara
d)   Pundarikaksha
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c a c d b b d a c c
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