Canto 04, Chapter 16: Praise of King Prithu by the Professional Reciters – Quiz

01. When the professional reciters were glorifying the king, the king’s reaction was________.
a)   Gentle
b)   Humble
c)   Delightful
d)   All the above
02. By glorifying the Lord with exalted verses, one becomes________.
a)   Glorified
b)   Purified
c)   Recognized
d)   Putrefied
03. In terms of distributing mercy equally to everyone and collecting taxes and returning to citizens in times of need, King Prthu is compared to________.
a)   Sun God
b)   Moon God
c)   Lord Shiva
d)   Lord Brahma
04. The King was glorified to be as tolerant as________itself.
a)   Ocean
b)   Wind
c)   Earth
d)   Sun
05.________is the predominating deity of seas and oceans.
a)   Praceta
b)   Vayu
c)   Agni
d)   Surya
06. King Prthu will always remain like________as no enemies will be able to approach him.
a)   Water
b)   Fire
c)   Air
d)   Ether
07. King Prthu is compared to________, the life force within body which is exhibited internally and externally but is always neutral to all affairs.
a)   Water
b)   Fire
c)   Air
d)   Ether
08. King Prthu was_________of the Lord.
a)   Saktyavesa avatara
b)   Manvantara Avatara
c)   Lila Avatara
d)   Yuga Avatara
09. King Prthu________the surface of the earth.
a)   Uprooted
b)   Leveled
c)   Tilted
d)   Fertilized
10. When King Prthu will travel over his kingdom, all demoniac rogues and thieves will hide themselves in all directions. Here the king is compared to________.
a)   Elephant
b)   Tiger
c)   Bull
d)   Lion
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: d b a c a b c a b d
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