Canto 04, Chapter 18: Prithu Maharaja Milks the Earth Planet – Quiz

01. Mother Earth explained to Maharaja Prthu that she is not producing sufficient seeds, roots, herbs, grains etc because_________.
a)   She is angry with Prthu maharaja
b)   She actually does not have with her anymore
c)   All the produce are now being used by non-devotees for their own sense gratification and hence has been hidden by her
d)   None of the above
02. The process recommended by Mother Earth to get back the seeds was_________.
a)   Praying
b)   Her Glorification
c)   Abundant rainfall
d)   The king should arrange for a calf, milk pot and milkman to milk the cow( Earth)
03. Mother Earth also requested the king to________the surface of the Earth.
a)   Level
b)   Split
c)   Break
d)   Reduce
04. Vedic Knowledge to purify words, mind and hearing was milked by making_________as calf and _________ as milk pot.
a)   Brhaspati, senses
b)   Svayambhuva Manu, cupped hands
c)   Prahlada Maharaja, iron pot
d)   Visvavasu, lotus flower pot
05. Indra as the calf and milk pot as Golden pot,________was milked.
a)   Sweet Musical art and beauty
b)   Soma rasa
c)   Herbs and grains
d)   Liquor and beer
06. Even________got their required eatables by milking mother Earth.
a)   Cobras and other poisonous animals
b)   4 legged animals and birds
c)   Trees
d)   All the above
07. Introduction to proper planning of towns and villages was made by________.
a)   Viswakarma
b)   Indra
c)   Gandharvas
d)   King Prthu
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: c d a a b d d
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