Canto 04, Chapter 09: Dhruva Maharaja Returns Home – Quiz

01. The planet created by Lord for Dhruva is________.
a)    Indraloka
b)    Chandraloka
c)    Dhruvaloka
d)    Bhuloka
02. Dhruva, when he saw the Lord face to face, he could offer fitting prayers unto the Supreme because________.
a)    He had performed severe austerity
b)    He was blessed by his mother
c)    He was endowed by the causeless mercy of the Supreme
d)    He was very powerful
03. Lord blessed Dhruva by________.
a)    Touching Dhruva with His lotus hands
b)    Touching Dhruva’s chest with His lotus feet
c)    By glancing into Dhruva’s eyes
d)    Touching His conch shell to Dhruva’s forehead
04. The stage of Bhramananda is________.
a)    Merging into the absolute
b)    Reaching the heavenly planets
c)    Elevating to the transcendental planet of Goloka Vrndavana
d)    Always remaining joyful as Lord Brahma
05. To elevate to the transcendental planet of Goloka Vrndavana_________.
a)    One has to go to forest and meditate like Dhruva Maharaja
b)    One has to render devotional service in association with devotees
c)    One has to be totally away from all kinds of bodily necessities
d)    One has to be firm in yogic practices
06. The special significance of polestar or Dhruvaloka was that_________.
a)    This planet would be equally opulent as Vaikunta planet
b)    Until entire universe is annihilated, that is even during devastations at every night of Brahma, this planet        would remain
c)    Even after the devastation at the end of Brahma’s life time, this planet would remain
d)    None of the above
07. The benediction given by the Lord to Dhruva was_________.
a)    He would be promoted to Vaikunta Loka at the end of his life
b)    Would rule the entire world for 36000 years
c)    He would never become old
d)    All the above
08. The result of Suruci’s offense to Dhruva Maharaj was_________.
a)   At the end of her life she would be mad of her son’s death and enter a forest fire and her life would end
b)   She would be bit by mad dogs
c)   She would be forgiven
d)   She would surrender to Dhruva
09. Dhruva Maharaja was morose even after achieving all the desired benedictions because________.
a)   He became situated in vasudeva platform due to seeing the Lord face to face and all his material contaminations got cleared
b)   He was very much ashamed of himself for desiring for revenge for his stepmother or for most exalted post within this material world
c)   He became conscious of the unimportance of his demand and compared them to pieces of broken glass
d)   All the above
10. Dhruva Maharaja could see the Lord in________.
a)   6 months
b)   6 years
c)   600 years
d)   6th life time
11. ‘Complete Independence’ of a living entity means_________.
a)   To fight with the obstacles offered by Maya
b)   To remain always dependent on the Supreme Lord
c)   Material overlordship
d)   To be independent in the material world
12. On return, when Dhruva Maharaja offered obeisances to Suruci, his stepmother, she blessed him long life because_________.
a)   She was fearful of Dhruva that he may take his revenge
b)   Dhruva was now powerful and everyone was compelled to bless him good fortune
c)   He was now supported by king Uttanapada
d)   Because of his transcendental qualities, everyone was bound to offer respects
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: c c d a b b d a d a b d


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