Canto 04, Chapter 10: Dhruva Maharaja’s Fight with the Yaksas – Quiz

01. Maharaj Dhruva’s first wife was________and with her he got 2 children________and________and his second wife was________and with her he got________ and________.
a)   Bhrami – Kalpa, Vatsara  and Ila – Utkala, a daughter
b)   Ila – Kalpa, Vatsara  and Bhrami – Utkala, a daughter
c)   Utkala – Kalpa, Vatsara  and Ila – Bhrami, a daughter
d)   Kalpa – Ila, Vatsara  and Bhrami – Utkala, a daughter
02. Dhruva Mahraja’s younger brother Uttama was killed by________.
a)   Indra
b)   Vayu
c)   Yaksas
d)   His own kinsmen
03. Yaksas were the followers of________.
a)   Brahma
b)   Siva
c)   Vishnu
d)   Krishna
04. The city of the Yaksas, in the Himalayan Mountains was named________.
a)   Alakapuri
b)   Sakalapuri
c)   Andhanagari
d)   Kailasa
05. When Dhruva Maharaj was overpowered by the illusionary mystic tricks of the demons, the great sages advised him to_________.
a)   Go back to his kingdom
b)   Use his kshatriya skills against them
c)   Simply to chant the holy name to surpass the temporary magical feats
d)   To surrender to the yaksas
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a c b a c
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