Canto 04, Chapter 08: Dhruva Maharaja Leaves Home for the Forest – Quiz

01. The descendents of________ and _________are bluffing, cheating, greed, cunning, anger, envy, quarrel, harsh speech, death, fear, severe pain and hell.
a)   Religiosity and piety
b)   Irreligion and falsity
c)   Irreligion and piety
d)   Religiosity and falsity
02. Dhruva’s parents were_________.
a)   Uttanapada and Suniti
b)   Uttanapada and Suruci
c)   Priyavrata and Suniti
d)   Priyavrata and Suruci
03. Uttama’s parents were_________.
a)   Uttanapada and Suniti
b)   Uttanapada and Suruci
c)   Priyavrata and Suniti
d)   Priyavrata and Suruci
04. According to Suruci, Dhruva’s step mother, Dhruva could not sit on the lap of Uttanapada because_________.
a)   Dhruva was not born of Suruci
b)   Dhruva was not the son of a king
c)   Dhruva was elder to Uttama
d)   Dhruva was not beautiful
05. Suruci told Dhruva, in order to sit on his father’s throne, he had to_________.
a)   Die immediately
b)   Should leave his mother Suniti
c)   Undergo severe austerities and please the Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)   None of the above
06. When Suniti saw Dhruva, greatly aggrieved on hearing the words of his step mother, she advised him as_________.
a)   To give up all his envious attitude and immediately try to execute the instructions of his stepmother
b)   To engage himself in worshipping the lotus feet of Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)   To take shelter of the Supreme with unflinching faith and devotion
d)   All the above
07. As Dhruva was just a child, still the words of his stepmother proved unbearable to him because__________.
a)   He was filled with envy
b)   His kshatriya spirit was very strong
c)   He loved his own mother very much
d)   He was very proud by nature
08. On understanding the decision of Dhruva to leave the kingdom and go to the forest,________approached him and started to advice.
a)   Bhrama
b)   Vishnu
c)   Shiva
d)   Narada
09. Narada Muni advised Dhruva that__________.
a)   The dissatisfaction which Dhruva felt is just another kind of illusion
b)   One who is intelligent should accept whatever comes favorable or unfavorable
c)   One should try to keep himself satisfied in any condition of life
d)   All the above
10. Dhruva could not accept the instructions of Narada immediately because__________.
a)   He did not believe in Narada Muni
b)   He accepted that his heart is disturbed by material conditions of happiness and distress
c)   He thought that Narada Muni was diverting his intentions
d)   He was very envious
11. Dhruva had been to the forest to fulfill his desire of________.
a)   Killing his step mother
b)   Occupying a position more exalted than Brahma
c)   To become God
d)   To become a humble servant of God

12. Being very compassionate to Dhruva, Narada Muni advised Dhruva to_________in order to fulfill his desires.
a)   To meditate on the personal feature of the Lord as described by Narada Muni
b)   To meditate in the impersonal energy of the Lord
c)   To perform severe austerities
d)   To remain in the kingdom

 13. The description of the bodily features of the Lord is________.
a)   Not imaginary as is given through disciplic succession
b)   Not imaginary as they appear in dreams to the describer
c)   Are imaginary and are just to facilitate meditation
d)   None of the above
14. Dhruva was initiated by Narada Muni with________mantra.
a)   Om Namo Narayanaya
b)   Hare Krishna Hare Krishna..
c)   Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaya
d)   None of the above
15. Dhruva entered the________forest to perform devotional service.
a)   Kamyavan
b)   Bhandiravan
c)   Vrndavan
d)   Madhuvan
16. For the first month Dhruva ate only fruits and berries every________day.
a)   Alternate
b)   Third
c)   Sixth
d)   Tenth
17. For the second month Dhruva ate only dry grass and leaves every________days.
a)   Four
b)   Six
c)   Eight
d)   Ten
18. In the third month Dhruva________only every nine days.
a)   Drank water
b)   Ate berries
c)   Slept
d)   Took breath
19. In the 4th month Dhruva became a complete master of the breathing exercise and thus inhaled air once every________days.
a)   Six 
b)   Eight
c)   Ten
d)   Twelve
20. When Dhruva Maharaja became practically one in heaviness with Lord Vishnu, the total consciousness, all great demigods took shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead because________.
a)   All planetary systems felt intense heat
b)   All planetary system felt suffocation
c)   All planetary system felt extreme drought
d)   None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b a b a c d b d d b b a a c d b b a d b
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