Canto 04, Chapter 07: The Sacrifice Performed by Daksha – Quiz

01. Daksa was awarded the head of________.
a)   A Goat
b)   A Cow
c)   An Elephant
d)   A Deer
02. ________ became dependent on his disciples for chewing as he had laughed at Lord Shiva, deriding him by showing his teeth.
a)   Bhrgu
b)   Pusa
c)   Bhaga
d)   Mitra
03. When Daksa revived his consciousness, on seeing Lord Shiva, he thought of_______.
a)   Offering prayers to Lord Shiva
b)   Taking revenge for his daughter’s death
c)   Running away from the scene
d)   Taking help of Lord Brahma
04. Brahma-bandhu means_________.
a)   Relative of Brahma
b)   Relative of a brahmana
c)   Born in Brahmin family but not following standards of Brahmins
d)   Asvattama
05. Daksa considered his punishment as________Lord Shiva.
a)   Revenge of
b)   A good lesson by
c)   Mercy of
d)   Display of anger by 
06. When Daksa offered clarified butter to the sacrificial fire, Lord Vishnu appeared in His________armed form.
a)   2
b)   4
c)   6
d)   8
07. Lord Vishnu is also addressed as________, free from material contaminations.
a)   Aatmesvara
b)   Ananjana
c)   Apraakrata 
d)   Bhakta-Vatsala 
08. Lord Vishnu is also addressed as________, favorably inclines towards His devotees.
a)   Aatmesvara
b)   Ananjana
c)   Apraakrata
d)   Bhakta-Vatsala
09. Lord Vishnu is also addressed as________, beyond the creations of the material worlds.
a)   Aatmesvara
b)   Ananjana
c)   Apraakrata 
d)   Bhakta-Vatsala
10. Lord Vishnu is also addressed as ________, the supersoul in everyone.
a)   Aatmesvara
b)   Ananjana
c)   Apraakrata 
d)   Bhakta-Vatsala 
11. In sacrificial performances, animals were killed to_________.
a)   Please the Lord
b)   Prove the strength of the mantras but then the animals would die
c)   Prove the strength of mantras and also the animals would be rejuvenated
d)   Complete the ritual
12. The Supreme Personality of Godhead can be seen only by_________.
a)   Persons who have anointed their eyes with love of Godhead
b)   Persons who are not materially puffed up
c)   Persons who have surrendered themselves to the will of the Supreme
d)   All the above
13. The spell of maya is also called as _________, because it is so strong that the living entity is satisfied in any abominable condition.
a)   Aavaranatmika sakti
b)   Yogamaya
c)   Mahamaya
d)   Hladini sakti
14. Sati, after giving up her body, took her birth as_________in the kingdom of Himalayas.
a)   Parvathi
b)   Himavati
c)   Urvashi
d)   Satyavati
15. The philosophy of acintya-bhedabheda-tattva, simultaneously one and different essentially means_________.
a)   No one is independent. Everyone is an expansion of Vishnu.
b)   There are diverse manifestations, but, at the same time, they are one in Vishnu.
c)   Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are three and therefore they are separate, but at the same time they are one.
d)   All the above.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
Answer: a b a c c d b d c a c d a b d
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