Canto 04, Chapter 06: Brahma Satisfies Lord Shiva – Quiz

01. The demigods were asked to beg forgiveness and surrender unto Lord Shiva by_________.
a)   Narada
b)   Vishnu
c)   Prasuti
d)   Brahma

02. Lord Shiva is also called Asutosa because_________.
a)   His anger can destroy the cosmic manifestation
b)   He can be easily pacified
c)   He is always surrendered to Vishnu
d)   He is the husband of Sati      

03. The abode of Lord Shiva is at__________.
a)   Vaikunta
b)   Goloka
c)   Kailasa
d)   Himalayas
04. The 2 main rivers of the Kailasa hill are_________.
a)   Ganga, Jamuna
b)   Nanda, Alakananda
c)   Kaveri, Godavari
d)   Krishna, Narmada
05. In Kailasa, in the region of Alaka, the forest Saugandhika is known because of its abundance of ________ flowers.
a)   Lily
b)   Champaka
c)   Kadamba
d)   Lotus
06. Lord Shiva in Kailasa was seated under the shade of a________tree.
a)   Banyan
b)   Peepal
c)   Neem
d)   Kadamba
07. Yogisvara and Yogeswara are the names of________and________resp.
a)   Bhrama, Shiva
b)   Shiva, Krishna
c)   Krishna, Narada
d)   Krishna, Shiva
08. The sampradaya headed by Lord Shiva is________.
a)   Madhva
b)   Sri
c)   Rudra
d)   Kumara
09. Brahma requested Lord Shiva to________in order to complete the unfinished sacrifice.
a)   Meditate
b)   Accept his portion of the sacrifice
c)   Bring back sati to life
d)   Bless
10. By completing the sacrifice successfully, Daksa could get back his________, Bhaga his________, Bhrgu his________ and Pusa his________.
a)   Life, eyes, mustache, teeth
b)   Eyes, mustache, teeth, life
c)   Mustache, teeth, life, eyes
d)   Teeth, life, eyes, mustache
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer. d b c b d a b c b a
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