Canto 04, Chapter 05: Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksha – Quiz

01. When Sati passed away, giving up her body,________conveyed this news to Lord Shiva.
a)   Narada
b)   Soldiers of Lord Shiva
c)   Bhrugu Muni
d)   Brahma
02. Lord Shiva, in reply to this insult, wanted to________.
a)   Kill Daksha
b)   Forgive Daksha
c)   Perform penance
d)   Annihilate the Universe
03. The gigantic demon to destroy Daksha was created from the________of Lord Shiva.
a)   Nails
b)   Eyes
c)   Forehead
d)   Strand of Hair
04. Prajapati Daksha was arrested by the black demon________.
a)    Rudra
b)    Virabhadra
c)    Maniman
d)    Kalabhadra
05. Bhrgu Muni was arrested by ——————.
a)   Rudra
b)   Virabhadra
c)   Maniman
d)   Kalabhadra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a a d b c
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